Canada Immigration


Business immigration is now is a very popular visa class among the Business owner and foreign investment desired enterponours. We are associated with experienced immigration lawyers who are posing several year of experience in handling business and Investor immigration program, they all are situated in overseas territories and successfully operating their immigration business. Gis will help you to create and prepare your project plan and responsible for the country ministry / govt approval / designated regional centre or in your New business set up and take over the (mergensation ) And staff recruitment for the company.
We will help you to select those business plan for business immigration process which will get swift approval from project approval authority. In any overseas countries majorly in Canada Quebec, Australia, Newzealand , Uk, USA EB5 ,Latvia and Lithuania business immigration you can invest in govt approved project or could start a new business in your choice city of the Country, but one thing should keep in mind that in Usa Eb5 major project or business plan approval come if you plan your settlement in Rural or designated area with business centre project ,if you would prefer to start your own business in usa then success is dependent on your business plan /project requirement in their country , if that would be a unique business plan which enhance the economic growth of the Usa or clearly identify by the business plan of recruitment or creation of several job requirement for local nationals then good possibility are there for approval.
Where in , Canada Federal Investment is the best program to invest or country, but due to high volume of application Canadian govt only consider application on the basic of first come firsdt serve and from last 1 year this business classes is closed, but this is not disserting news, as in canada provinces/state business and Investor both programs are open and you can chose the state of your choice for either of process (Investment Business)
The popular visa class for business owner and investor in canada is the Canadian govt START UP Program, This start up visa program is for those who have shortage of funds and would like take settlement with their new business set up, Canadian Govt have approved few angel investor who will help business owner (Person who have experience of successful running their business in their native or any other overseas country for at-lest recent 2 year in 5 year tenure and legally obtained the net worth of Rs ) to find investor for their business project, here in Seven seas we will help you to make those business and innovated project which not only attract foreign investor, even help you to take swiftly grant of canadian ministry approval , so that you can take your permanent settlement.
One more thing you should/need to keep in mind this business immigration and investor program does provide you the Green card either Citizenship directly ,according to the program you have selected for your overseas settlement either you need to wait of tenure period of your investment with ibn the approved project of govt and on realization of your investment you will be granted with citizenship OR Green card. Where in the case of Business immigration or self employed you need to run a profitable business for at-lest given / allowed/ must be time to convert your work permit into their country green card or citizenship ....this Work permit term will be applicable from the day you will granted permission to enter in their country ( Could be mentioned the purpose of stay in their country ) as country immigration department are offering you the open work permit which permit you to stay, study ,work or run the approved business without any hassle and been convertible into green card or citizenship on competition of restrict tenure or obligation of country immigration department.
Under the Investor immigration program in any country you only need to invest into project / you will not submit the fee untill /you only submit the fee once --that country immigration department / ministry approved your proposal or application and until govt request you to submit required fee to govt authority / approved department. In this Investor program you cannot invest your money of your choice project , it normally govt discretion power or approved association decision to invest your money in any project .One more thing you should keep in mind that all investment which you are investing in any project will not provide you any Interest and should be legally earned and foreign investment specially those made for permanent settlement purpose are not interest paid , but secure and Guaranteed returned after completation of 5 year tenure. Your investment will be safe in term of bond in favor to particular govt department name with country govt and subjected to relies on completition of restricted obligation tenure. Your money which is ready for investment could be combination of your total net assets and net capital legally own in your native country , there could be two join investor
In the case if you own a new business unit in foreign country or move on the basic of business immigration, first of all you should be compile with the eligibility criteria of a business owner or in another words we can say you should be fall under the business immigration eligibility criteria.
Which is as follow :-
1. You must run a successful profitable business in recent 2 year/ you should be a owner of a business in last 2 year / you must required to be a successful running business owner in past recent 2 year.
2. You should be having net assets and capital together of required amount in $ ... and for investment purpose $ ...for a locable period for 5 year without any interest on invested amount to get the permanent settlement in country.
3 .Legally permit to stay in your native country .
4. full fill the character and medical related country requirement for visa processing .
What that visa restrict you / you must need to do once visa grant.
1. Your new business must create least 10 job employment requirement for local nationals and on a very special case can be hire a foreign employee to train your local staff.
2. at least initial 2 year you need to be successful run a profitable business which contribute country economic growth.
3. should be good taxpayer in country.
4. will be actively involved in new business daily operation and other activities.
5. must hold 51 % of share of the total paid capital of new business organization.