Canada Immigration

The Canada Express Entry Program Jan 2015.

The Canadian Govt has launched a new immigration program which is much faster, swift,Transparent and job secured process to all prospective immigrants who are planning to move Canada permanently , Canada Immigration department is accepting application under new system called Express Entry Program, Canadian immigration department has implement this program to full fill the employment demand of their country which Canadian workers are unable to full fill.
Not only foreign skilled manpower but, those who have gain experience in Canada previously will also have significant under this express entry program and those who will succeed to get job offer from any employer and get the nomination from the provinces and territories by default get preference to get their Permanent residency approval faster than any other federal program as Canadian Employer are participating genuinely to close their vacant position on low cost and with highly skilled foreign manpower as you can create your job bank on Canada govt job portal.
Today maximum indians are moving to canada on Study and direct Permanent residency visa as they are the Popular visa class among aspirant,From Jan 2015 Canada Immigration and citizenship department is accepting application for Canda Expree Entry program.
Canada express entry is the ranking based immigration and higher scorer have better chance of issue/Approved ITA ( Invitation to apply ) with in one year from their detail submission in express entry Gateway , so that with ITA letter canada prospective immigrants can file their Canada Permanent Residncy visa application in Canada Intake office.
Canada exprees enrey program is accepting application for bascially under three visa class together they are as follow :
1. Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) - All skilled executive / Supervisor / middle to senior management / Head of department of different/Business owner of different –different industries are open now to file their application under Canada Express entry application.
2. Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP) - ITI/ apprenticeship certificate/poly technical and 1-2 year diploma qualification holder can file their application under this Trade Program.
3. Canadian Experience Class (CEC) - Student who had gain experience after completion of their qualification in Canada and those who have worked or recently working in Canada more then 1-2 year minimum experience can file their application under this Canadian Experience class.
4. Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) - Excluding Quebec provincial, all other provincials of Canada is participating under this express entry program, hence forth there is no additional requirement to file separate Government provincials applications and with one application these all provincials government will review your application and nominate the overseas skilled worker as per their requirement .
Your Occupation Level should be fall under any of one following level:
• Skill Type O (management occupations) or
• Skill Level A (professional occupations) or
• Skill Level B (technical occupations and skilled trades)
Education Credential Assessment under PR Application. .
May 2013 onward Canadian government has mandate to go through the Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) which is basically as evaluation process conducted by designated approved Canadian based authority to approved foreign Degrees, Diplomas certificates according to the Canadian qualification or etc as compared with the Canadian credentials, to proceed with Permanent residency application an aspirant must undergone with ECA process to file their visa application in Canadian immigration department .
Canadian govt have approved four agencies to conduct Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) on their behalf they are as follow:
• Comparative Education Service – University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies
• International Credential Assessment Service of Canada
• World Education Services
• Medical Council of Canada (professional body)
Prequisists before applying Express Entry :
• Must hold an experience of at least one year in which you want to file your application in past ten years tenure under National occupation classification skills level O,A,B.
• Must score minimum points criteria to be qualified for Express Entry Program.
• Your application does not restrict for approval with or without job offer as this is a skilled immigration.
• Extra Points,if completed your qualification from Canada or gain few year experience from Canada.
• Extra advantages who know the French language (need to clear Delf / Delp French exam test).
• Have Canadian Diploma , Bachelor , trade certificate or Foreign Qualification assessed by Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) by an agency approved by Canada immigration and citizenship to provide evidence to Canadian qualification
• . Should not have any adverse criminal record.
• Should be Medical Fit.
The Express Entry program procedure :
The Canadian Government plans to launch a new immigration system that would offer express entry to qualified immigrants for filling open jobs for which there are no available Canadian workers in 2015, The new system aims to make it much quicker for skilled foreign workers to gain permanent residence visas than before, . Canada needs high levels of immigration to meet current and future labour market needs, under this new system, employers will also have a key role in selecting economic immigrants. Employers will access candidates through Canada's new and improved Job Bank and through the provinces and territories where applicable.
How the application shall be picked up from the EOI pool and the approximate time frame?
• All prospective immigrants who are planning to apply their permanent residency application under Express Entry ,required to create their express entry profile to get an Invitation to apply and will submit all their information related to qualification ,experience, ielts score , family ,which will be keep in remain in govt pool for 1 years and Canadian govt, Canada Provincal govt and Canadian companies may pick any application during this 2 year tenure.
• Than need to creat the Canada Job bank which is bascially linked with express entry profile and give assess to Canadian emplyer to view overseas nationals details to full fill their position in the company.
• The submit application will be picked from the pool on the basic of ranking which they will be getting under comprehancing ranking system are divided into two section initial 600 based on Human capital factor and other on job offer and state nomination based ITA approval.
• The application will be ranked by the number of points that an applicant is getting, those who have higher ranking will get first preference to get selected among other aspirant
• There is NO time line fixed for the approval , a candidate can be picked up any time or not picked up at all during the 1 years period when he will be in pool. If application does not picked up then profile need to be validiate next year
• Those who have secured a job offer from / offered a job by any canadian employer via Job Bank and who is been called by a provincial terrioty /govt singnifically will be issued the ITA first than those who will be sponsered or be considered by canadian government, so in Canada express entry program employer is playing a very Virtual role as once they employer sponsored an overseas candidate , they must need to approved prospective skilled professional or unskilled worker application for Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) before hire a foreign worker , On approval a foreign worker can lodge their application for Permanent residency visa in High commission .
Under this system, applicants will be able to submit an 'expression of interest' to the Canadian government.
The Benefits under filling permanent residency program.
1. Like previous year FSWP program , Express entry program also has a point based system, there is no occupation list available Under the new Express Entry program, anyone will be able to apply who fall under govt occupation classification of O,A,B,C,D , but under this express entry instead of quantity ,quality will significantly play better role and neither the first come first serve will be applicable under express entry program.
2. There is no quota system applicable to express entry application.
3. Express Entry program give benefits to select any skills and qualifications that an applicant can feel most relevant to their application.
4. The new Express Entry program allow aspirant to create their express profile in the pool to be consider first by companies, state govt ,so they all can demonstrate their work experience and qualifications as better as they can to highlights their profile among other aspirant skills and qualification.
5. Canadian Companies have direct assess in express entry program to review Applicants credentials and can offer a job to end number of employee under Express Entry.
6. There is no limit of issuing the invitation to apply and all ITA Holder will get swift access and express process to get permanent residency.
lthough under Canada Express entry program different different skill can be used to creat the application and in case a candiadte will not be approved for Ita they have assess and legal right to re lodge the application next year for consideration under same visa.
To call the overseas skilled and unskilled professional in canada , canada immigration and citizenship department is releasing draw each month.
The fIrst draw was done on 980 ranking and in continulty every month hundred of professions are being issued the ITA.
General Benefits under Permanent residency Visa :-
1. You get right to work and stay in entire canada without any restriction on Canada permanent residency visa.
2. You can move with your immediate family.
3. You and Your family member can work and do higher education on local candidate fee.
4. Able to get all social security right i.e Un-employment benefits ,Medicare, free education Up to 14 year of age child, reimbursement on child expenses excluding voting right until become the citizen of canada .
5. Can apply for citizenship after spending three years (1,040 days) in Canada.
6. You will get Dual Nationality upon having Canadian passport.
7. Get easy access to move and settle in usa under tin registration number in usa.
Canadian Government Fees:

Stages Fee in Cad $
Education credential Assessment 322
Emabsssy fee (Per adult ) 550
(Per Childbelow 21 year ) 150
Landing fee/ Right of resident permanency fee (Per adult ) 490

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