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Canada Tourist Visa

3 Months (Short term) stay In Canada on Tourist and Visitor Visa.
Canada is most sought , considerable and dream destination for all worldwide visitor who want to stay for short term in Canada for maximum duration of 3 Months, several year thousand of worldwide foreigners travel Canada to explore beautiful country as a tourists, workers, businessmen and student.
Even Business Owners who have plan to start business there travel on tourist visa to explore country.
Western Cultural, flexible Canadian Govt rule regulation and favorable working condition, better business startup govt help and worldwide requirement based study make Canada different in among all western country.
Why you should choose Canada for tourism
• Canada is le a developed country and meet your relatives,to see their lifestyle, to enjoy the all time winter climate , to explore country ,to see natural beauty ,to see the world strongest economy.
• High visa success rate.
• Natural versatile land beauty
• Enjoy Night life parties.
• Quality of Life
• For best outdoors facilities, i.e. Hiking, Mountain Biking, Climbing, Kayaking, Canoeing, Skiing, and Snowshoeing Trails across Canada.
Things should know before moving Canada on Tourist Visa ?
If your plan is fixed to move Canada as a tourist than you should aware of the general requirements to apply for a Tourist Visa:
• You passport should have validity of upto 1 year at the time of visa filling.
• Be in medical fit.
• Should not have adverse criminal record.
• Should present sufficient documentation with their application which can convince the visa officer that you tie-up note in India like job/ running business/family/property other assets etc to come back to your native land.
• Able to convince high commission that upon validity only will remain in Canada and return back to home country before visa expiry date.
• Have sufficient funds to support yourself and your family in Canada, according to your stay duration you should need to provide proof of funds to convince visa officer to grant visa, if visiting relative even than funds must be maintain in the bank account.
• If any Canadian Permanent resident or Citizen is calling you, than you must require a sponsorship documents and invitation letter to get through with your visa.
• If you are aged above 55 than you must hold a travel insurance.
• Based upon your nationality you must keep ready your R.V. (Temporary Resident Visa).
How Can you process your application for a Tourist Visa?
We Genuine Immigration Services Pvt. Ltd, have been handling lot of application on daily basic to assist clients to get successfully Visa in specified time without any delay in visa application submission by ensuring no mistake. Tourist visa application can be submit online and manually.
Please fill up our assessment form available on our website, so that we can assist you better.
Our expert counseling department will discuss your case in detail and accordingly advise for next core of action.