HONG KONG Immigration


Why you should choose Hong Kong?

An international exposure add value to boost your carrier,and open the door for you in the advanced and modern time.
overseas experience reflect your true skills and competency of suitability for foreign areas and help you selection faster than any other candidate.Hong Kong is now among the country which are economically developed , this is the hub of almost major bank of worlds, Hong Kong govt has open their door for all skills professional to entre in their territory, if they full fill the eligibility criteria set by their immigration department.

Hong Kong a stage blending eastern and western culture- “some one said being an artiste with Chinese roots, I hope to let more people from around the world know about Chinese culture through my performance and films. Hong Kong is a multi-ethnical and multi-cultural cosmopolitan city that has provided me with more favourable conditions and opportunities to demonstrate the greatness of Chinese culture deposits in its people.”
Hong Kong a vibrant city welcoming creativity and innovation- As an entrepreneur and designer of high-end industrial products, design work defines large parts of my professional and private life. The prestigious international awards I received recognize my achievement and help pave the way for my development in Hong Kong.

Sector of job opportunity.

• IT professionals , Product quality assurance ,insurance sector , medical , logistics and other trade services are there to offer jobs to national & internationals manpower .
• Hong Kong is the hub of financial institution head quarter so, foreign have open door to get job in this area and well paid to professionals.

Without job offer entry

Highly skilled or talented individuals who have not yet secured a job offer in Hong Kong but are interested to settle and work in Hong Kong may apply under the QMAS which has no sector restriction. There are two points-based tests under the scheme.

Lifestyle in Hong kong :

• Since Hong Kong is adopting all regions in their country so culture and language is no barrier over there , with English knowledge any one can get their settlement easily in HK.
• Indian is always renewed for their trader business have strong tie to Indian culture so not only they are prompting Indian product in Hong Kong but now Indian culture is also adopted by locals of HK, even between China and the Middle East and African countries we are doing trade frequently.
• Due to low cost placement optional India is now become the better place for replacement of local manpower that’s why Indian professionals are well demanding in Hong Kong getting well paid salary there.
• Indian are well rewarded internationally for their exceptional knowledge and skills , Indian manpower are demanded in various sector in Hong Kong ;IT professionals , finance graduated and experience CA , banking professionals have contributed their skills internationally from last few decades and helped Hong Kong to become economical stable international community along with Hong Kong QMAS scheme has increased the demand of Indian manpower globally as every year thousand of Indians are getting approval for this scheme which directly providing the strength to Indian community to show their nationals strength in internationally.
• Every year the % of Indian relocation ration is getting increased year by year it is just because Indian are well demanding internationally.

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