Canada Immigration

Canada Immigration

Canada is one of the preferable destinations not only for immigrants, but even for tourists. Bank clerk to managers in different industries , marketing manager ,head of department from banking , oil manufacturing , hospital ,civil ,construction technical occupation Information technology, doctors, nurses , teacher , university professor , charted accountant, fiancé manager , ,insurance agent ,brokers, human resource professionals, purchase manager to Dr and health care professional even translator and self employed builder and property agent can take their migrant in 2014-2015 year session. You all just need to check your eligibility for Canada permanent residency visa, factors who make you qualify for PR is as follows. Nomination in Occupation list.

6 7ponits eligibility criteria(age, qualification , experience , ielts , relative in Canada , qualification and experience from Canada , job offer from Canadian employers and spouse adaptability.) Funds availability.
Normally Canada immigration take 9-10 months time, but due to express entry process which Canadian govt/ immigration department will be introducing in Jan 2015, this time can be reduced.
Federal Skilled Worker Category:
Canada has developed a better immigration program for skilled, trade and business persons. The Canadian Government continues to emphasis skilled migration, while maintaining a commitment to family reunion migration. In-spite of the global recession which bound other country to stop overseas new migration % of intake, Canada opened its door for listed and qualified occupation .Canada pr is points based immigration and those who wish to apply offshore pr without Canadian work experience nor having a valid job offer approved by HRSDC you can claim points for work experience, age, qualification, spouse adibility, ielts score ,relative in Canada and also for Canada qualification and their experience.govt have taken this step to full fill skills shortages of their country

You Can either retain your PR or become a Canadian citizen. To retain Permanent Residency status, you need to stay in Canada for at-least 2 years with in the 5 years period starting from the date of initial entry and this will repeat every 5 years thereon. If you select to become a citizen, then you must live in Canada for at-least 3 years with in any allowed 4 years tenure.

There are Various migration option available for immigrates , so if once particular category seems impossible and you do not qualify for pr then Skilled, entrepreneurs and investors program and province immigration are there. A careful search and enrollment with an experienced immigration advisor will make chance bright for your future migration as they select the best category in which you will be applying Canada permanent residence visa application.

There are different different visa category available and all prospective immigrant after full fill the basic eligibilty criteria , can migrate to their dream destination to become Permanent Resident in future

why your choice should be canada.
• For better Settlement.
• For quality life .
• For good carrier prospects
• For Dual nationality
• To get easily route for Usa settlement.
• For Bright Future of your children their quality education.
Benefits on Canada Pr. Benefits of living in Canada as Permanent Residence (to name a few)
• Holder is permitted to remain in Canada indefinitely Get Legal right to work and stay life time with your dependents spouse and Upto 19 year of children in any province of Canada.
• If circumstances make one unemployed, the social security benefits supports the affected Canadian Pr holder and citizens as under this Benefits you will get Unemployment Benefits that is equal to your last paid salary.
• Old age security as Canada offer you, peace of mind by providing retirement and pension to its senior citizens.
• Canada is offering quality and free medical healthcare benefits to its Pr holder and citizens
• You get 1000 Cad $ for each children for their monthly expenses.
• Free education – below 14 year child will get free education in the Canadian public school system and highly subsidized university education
• Provide dual Nationality.
• You can work in Canada and United States seamlessly. – Another privilege for Canadian Citizens is that they can get easily USA green card after getting Canadian passport
• You can study anywhere in Canada and need to pay only local student fee instead of overseas national fee.
• Entitle to get all social security rights provided by Canadian States and government.
• Easily to get Canadian nationality by spending 3-4 years in Canada and also USA Nationality after having Canadian Nationality.
• Pension after 55 year of age to National & pr holder.
• Dependent Parents PR visa in future.
• You can move to various approved countries for tourism without any Visas on Canadian passport as this is highly prized and respected travel document across the world,
• Canada Pr Holder can call their parents permanently under Canada super-visa.
• Overall, Canada as a immigration purpose is quiet safe and promising and visa process nor really so complex yet.
Cost of Leaving :
• on food –
• on renting –
• on transportation –
• on child education –
• on entertainment –
• on movie ticket –
• on seen Sighthing -
Different visa categories for Canada immigration is as follow :
There are several visa’s available where in an aspirant can file their petition in Canada immigration department to get their permanent settlement either on Temporary visa, whether on work permit/post study visa or direct permanent residency visa.

Apart of these aforesaid visa class, now Government are Courageing and applicants are in-fact applying for Business and Investor immigration to get Canadian nationality. All Canada visa class have their eligibility criteria and few are based on points criteria and net worth of a person, but un-doubt-fully Canadian govt has planned their few visa class specially today very famous express entry program to provide security to their prospective immigrants to move Canada surety of job or settlement

You can proceed your application in any visa class of your choice , if you full fill the eligibility criteria.
Canada immigration various visa program :
• Canada Express Entry program/Federal Skilled Worker Program.
• Quebec Immigration (skilled Immigration ,investor or entrepreneur program)
• Canadian Experience Class Program.
• Start-up visa Program.
• Business immigration/ Entrepreneur Category/ Investors Category
• Parents Super visa
• Work permit
• Tourist Visa.
• Business Visa.
• Immigrant Investor Venture Capital Pilot Program (for people with high net-worth who can invest in the Immigrant Investor Venture Capital fund).
• Self employed Immigration.
• Family Nomination Program.
• Several Provincial nominees Program( Manitoba, Saskatchewan ,Nova Scotia ,British Columbia ,Ontario,
• Refugees Program.