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Business Immigration.
Business setup in foreign is now become the dream of almost every business man, we Genuine immigration here provides the best consulting services and easily visa process to your dream destination.

To start up a new business required the few year of practical experience in business running along with a strong maintained Net worth, net worth could be the combination of assets, property and bank balance without liabilities. in short you need to show your entire white money and entire legal proof to support your Business immigration. You need to show fund for this visa class.

If you hold required funds we Genuine Help you to prepare your business plan for New Zealand Country Ministry approval In that manner, so that your business plan get approved in one submission and our extensive previous experience in business visa and our expert and dedicated team do provide advice on business selection which COUNTRY MINISTRY approved easily while keeping plan beneficial for their economic betterment, but in approval you will bound to create Job opportunity ONLY for location national and permanent Residency holder.

To reduce the risk of rejection we provide better guidance and advice by our expert and professional project planner who will discuss in details your business plan and will provide you the best proposal to New Zealand for your plan which approved successfully by immigration authority.

A. Business in New Zealand

New Zealand is among the best immigration destination and ranked 12th largest economy in the entire world and attracting and supporting even providing sponsorship to local and overseas business migrants, investors & businessmen. New Zealand has Very high GDP rate in New Zealand and have very low poverty rate, New Zealand is a developed country and have Strong business relationship with all western, European and other countries of the world and doing investment mutually benefits of each others.

Since from last few decades New Zealand is become the ideal country to established a new business and for investment. New Zealand powerful economy, favorable Government policies, easy operation of business rule regulation, best climate and reasonable job condition is making New Zealand ideally to get foreign investment. all the aforesaid facts making Australia as developed nation that supporting , sponsoring and encouraging the business owner , entrepreneurs, investors and employers and business migrants.

Along with economic benefits as a modern and advance country, New Zealand is providing the best environment to invest in developing infrastructure, transportation, Workplace laws, etc
Like other country Business and Investment based immigration New Zealand immigration department is issuing business visa to overseas national to set up their new venture and invest in their different govt and private sector vertical.


First Step:

Entrepreneur Work Visa is a temporary visa; an aspirant can become the self-employer after getting Entrepreneur Work Visa in New Zealand. To be qualified under this visa program an aspirant:

• should score 120 points and have intention to investment the minimum capital of NZ $ 100,000 in new business, but this amount does not include working capital.
• Should have several year of experience in the business which plan has been submitted to New Zealand Govt. • Should have minimum English language requirement.
Second Step:
Entrepreneur Residence Visa is followed after grant of Entrepreneur Work Visa,th visae holder who has established their business in New Zealand for at least 2 year can apply for their Entrepreneur Residence Visa which is basically as subsequent visa. However few condition is applicable to be grant this visa , business owner invested amount exceed to in the business is $NZ 500,000 (excluding working capital) and hire the minimum 3-4 local citizen on full time basic than in that case after successful running of the business in New Zealand more than 6 months applicant get qualified to apply their Entrepreneur Residence Visa addition to satisfying other requirements such as English language, health and character and must hold the same business for at least coming 2 year to maintain this visa.

Investor 1 Eligibility Criteria:
• have sufficient funds approx NZ $ 10 million to invest in New Zealand.
• The Investment should be made for minimum three years period and must spend 44 year per days to Mentain this visa.
• Required to submit an Expression of Interest.
• You must demonstrate the medical fitness and clean police record to be granted with visa
Investor 2 Eligibility Criteria:
• Your age should be younger to 65 years
• Should have sufficient funds approx NZ $ 1.5 million to invest in New Zealand, along with should have extra NZ $ 1 million for settlement funds.
• To through with this visa you must have 20 points from age, investment funds, experience and English proficiency.
• Required to submit an Expression of Interest.
• You must demonstrate the medical fitness and clean police record to be granted with visa
It is mandatory for the Investor to be in New Zealand for at least four year on this Investor principal applicant must retain an acceptable investment in New Zealand for a minimum of four years and every year basic stay requirement that is 146 days.
What we offer you for Entrepreneur/Investor category.
• We will execute and assist you from starting to end business application For Business.
• We will prepare the business plan for your application from our Project management team , who have prepared several clients project plan successfully and coordinate with New Zealand counter part to set-up or to buy an existing business in New Zealand by negotiating in purchasing existing business, help in real estate requirement, and many more.
• We will advise you to arrange the documents to meet the New Zealand government requirements to establish a Successful business.
Why you should choose New Zealand for Business & Investment Immigration purpose?
• New Zealand economy is considered as only economy to consistently rank in the world’s top five most resilient economies since 2008.
• New Zealand has strong ties with Asia, Europe, and the Americas in terms of trade, business, and investment.
• New Zealand is 12th largest economy in the world.
• New Zealand is well developed and known for Its research institutions are among the best in the world and offer opportunities for private-sector industry collaborations.
• Above 19000 overseas companies have registered office in New Zealand?
• New Zealand is a member of various prestigious international institutions and trade organizations, i.e. the United Nations, G20, Commonwealth of Nations, ANZUS, Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), World Trade Organization, Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, and the Pacific Islands Forum.
• Higher In GDP per capita, and have low crime and poverty rate.
• New Zealand economic is strongest than many western countries and hold the second rank in the world after Switzerland.
If you are planning to file your application for Business & Investment Program in New Zealand then you required the expert guidance and you should speak to an Immigration Specialist, we genuine immigration service will assist and proceed your business and investment application in appropriate visa class as per your need and eligibility, successfully and our New Zealand immigration lawyer will take all necessary approval from relevant authority to set up your business successfully in New Zealand hassle free without any obstacle.

Since from last several year we Genuine immigration service has process and helped lot of business owner, entrepreneur and investor to migrate successfully, so you can be assured for the success of your New Zealand business and investment visa application and we always update you transparently and timely the progress on your application, so that your confidence towards your application could enhance by understanding the progress of your own application.

We are not only assisting you for business immigration ,in fact you can indeed the project making services from us to get 100% success in New Zealand business and investment immigration process.

Our dedicated and several year posses experience staff who are only dealing with business immigration application from their initial carrier days , will assist you to provide ethical and fast track your dream application process with success based advise , without any problem you will get success in settle permanently in New Zealand..

To know more about suitable visa class for you, submit your query to us, our expert will contact you for free eligibility check .