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Temporary Working (Skilled) visa.

This visa is specially for skilled workers who want to work in New Zealand in their nominated occupation for their approved sponsor for up to four years. This visa subclass can lead to the Permanent Employer Sponsored Visa program. It is part of the Permanent Employer Sponsored Visa program. This is a work permit visa basically for qualified skilled manpower from overseas countries who will able to secure the job offer from any New Zealand companies on a temporary basis. This visa meant for those Australian companies who were unable to full fill their company vacant position from local citizen and permanent resident holder, Any recruiter firm or company can sponsor any overseas worker under this visa class ,if your profile fall under Consolidated Sponsored Occupations. You must be outside country or in to file your petition and employer must demonstrate to New Zealand in govt their inability to local worker for company position.

Key Benefits under Visa class.

1. You will get this permit minimum for 4 year validity to offer your professional services to companies in New Zealand on temporary visa.
2. You can move with your family and they will get legal rights to do work or pursue studies there.
3. You can move with your family to oz as much as you wish on tourist purpose.
Employer Requirements under Work visa.
1. Should running a established and lawful business in New Zealand.
2. To become the Sponsor on work visa class and to hire worker from overseas country, employer must need to follow the ministry instruction and abide with the rule -regulation and requirement to be a sponsor.
3. To be a Sponsor Company, company legal record should be clean and running a legal business and should not have any adverse illegal record directly and indirectly.
4. To be a Sponsor you must need to agree to provide necessary job to local and prospective Employees and provide full time job offer and show their genuine need to hire overseas national with specified skills which have been shortage in New Zealand.
Employee Requirements under Work visa.
• Work permit approval arranged by employer from Ministry.
• Skill which should match with company requirement and falls under sol list.
• Should have positive skill assessment letter fro designated authority and offer letter from employer.
• Threshold IELTS and related requirement.
• If involved in regulated occupation, than must get that licenses before applying visa.
• Should have health insurance cover your stay in country.
• Should not have any illegal record.
• Should have bachelor degree of at least 5 year or trade qualification
Who can be part of your Work visa application.
The immediate family of applicant can be involve in his visa petition:
1. Spouse.
2. Dependent kids.
3. Additional dependent family-members.
Family member must full fill the dependent Requirements.
1. Should submit sufficient documents to proof with primary applicant to show their relation with him/ her.
2. Should have good health , clear legal record .
3. Should furnished evidence of monetary documents to support their visa application as the principal applicant.
4. Should show the documents of health insurance.
Step towards getting New Zealand Work Visa.
There 3 stages which need to be undergone to become legal sponser to offer job to a overseas worker under 457 visa class .
1. To full fill the part of sponsor an employer file the petition to become the sponsor and thereafter after submission to become sponsor application whether as as normal business sponsor or as a thrashing out a labor worker supplier in the country, an approval is given to the petition for sponsorship, the company/job-provider becomes an authorized sponsor even as it’s officially authorized for a time-frame of three years.
2. Employer must released their job vacancy publicly in the country and declare to the govt that foreigner skilled worker is suitable for their vacancy and they are unable to full fill their requirement from local national as local worker does not possess the skill which is being required for their position and also declare as per the Australia minimum wages slandered sponsor will be paid salary, upon approval the nomination is officially approved for one year period.
3. On receiving the work permit letter an Employee process his visa application for visa in their native country, if available offshore ,employee must need to submit the support of a sponsor letter as a compulsory documents and on successful visa grant a Australia Temporary Work (Skilled) Visa (subcategory 457) can be issued for 4 year .
Other cost related to visa stamping
• Genuine immigration professional fee .
• Medical Examination.
• Police Clearance certificate.
• Documents attestation Charges
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