Newzealand Immigration

English/IELTS Requirement for New Zealand

All aspirants who are planning to apply for New Zealand Immigration and Skilled visa ,must undergone for basic IELTS requirement including dependent applicant and child aged 16 year ,however the IELTS requirement of Principal Applicant is different from the requirement of dependent family member . For the principal applicant an overall IELTS band score of 6.5 is required either in General or Academic module.
For the dependent family member also required to meet the minimum standard English requirement.
However, Providing IELTS score is not the constant for visa processing following documents can be submit as alternative to support the visa application :
• If you have passed a recognised education which was taught entirely in English Medium.
• If you have been in Newzealand from minimum 1 year and that job offer is valid while applying the Visa application.
• If you can provide documents that show you have competent knowledge in English - we might consider the proof.
Partners and children
Everyone else included in the application who is aged 16 and over must also meet a minimum standard of English. We accept the following proof of ability:
• A recognised qualification from a course taught entirely in English.
• You are in ongoing skilled employment in New Zealand, and have been for at least 12 months.
• You have sufficient schooling in English:
• primary and at least three years' secondary schooling,
• five years' secondary schooling, or
• tertiary course of at least three years' length.
• You have certain secondary certificates with passes in English classes:
• General Certificate of Education (GCE) 'A' levels from Britain or Singapore,
• Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English,
• Hong Kong Advanced Level Examinations (HKALE) including Use of English,
• University of Cambridge in collaboration with University of Malaysia, General Certificate of English (GCE) 'A' levels,
• International Baccalaureate, full diploma in English Medium,
• STPM 920 (Malaysia), with A or B pass in English Literature,
• South African Matriculation Certificate, with minimum D pass in English (Higher Grade),
• South African Senior Certificate, with minimum D pass in English (Higher Grade), endorsed as 'matriculation exempt', or
• New Zealand tertiary entrance qualification gained on completing year 13 or seventh form.
• You have a recent IELTS certificate with an overall band score of 5 or better in the General or Academic modules.
In all cases, we may still require an IELTS certificate.

What if we do not meet the minimum standard?
If your partner or child(ren) aged 16 years or older do not meet the requirements above, you can choose to pay for English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) tuition in New Zealand. This allows your partner and child(ren) to improve their English after they arrive in New Zealand.

You purchase this tuition from New Zealand’s Tertiary Education Commission. We will only grant you a residence class visa once the tuition charge is paid.

Your partner and child(ren) have five years in which to complete the ESOL tuition you have paid for.

Your partner’s and child(ren)’s IELTS score – across all four bands – determines the amount you have to pay for pre-purchased ESOL tuition. If you are not able to supply an IELTS certificate, you have to pay the maximum charge. The charge to be paid includes an administration fee and an ESOL entitlement tuition fee. The ESOL entitlement is the amount of money you can use as tuition fees.
Overall IELTS score Charge to be paid ESOL Entitlement

Overall IELTS score Charge to be paidESOL Entitlement
4.5 or more but less than 5 NZ$1,735 NZ$1,531.82
4 or more but less than 4.5 NZ$3,420 NZ$3,063.64
3.5 or more but less than 4 NZ$5,110 NZ$4,600.00
Less than 3.5 NZ$6,795 NZ$6,131.82