Newzealand Immigration

Tourist or Visitor visa for New Zealand.

New Zealand is one ought travel destination for visitors, New Zealand is famous for its hospitality have been serving world famous wine and have lot of wonderful landscapes that can behold any overseas nation to stay in the country life time.

New Zealand is Famous for the bays of Islands and world largest vineyards are available in this Country and entire country is famous for its mountains, volcanoes, beaches, lakes, valleys and caves which are really good to see and are remarkable sites to see.

To visit New Zealand you must need to apply First your travel visa in New Zealand high commission.

New Zealand govt is promoting their tourism and due to several of travelers are selecting to move New Zealand on Tourist Visa. New Zealand is now going to become the first choice of world traveler,however it become difficult some time to realize where to travel in entire New Zealand as it seem a huge country on map, but it is fairly easy to travel around here and explore a few of the most beautiful locations on earth.

New Zealand is a beautiful country and rich with mostly landscape area ,there are several beaches which are fantastic known for their natural beauty few are named as kangaroos, koalas and wombats bouncing’ down the road. New Zealand has world famous restaurant and international award winning, wine makers , you may explore and experience all this quite comfortable.

New Zealand is a Popular Tourist Destination for Various Reasons
All over the national visit New Zealand for many reason few to spent quality time with their family ,for honeymoon ,for sightseeing, to attend business meetings ,meet relative ,to meet friends and loved ones ,also New Zealand is famous for the medical treatment or medical consultations. For whatever reason you want to visiting to New Zealand, you need to apply for the respective visa.
What Makes Australia One of the Best Tourism Destinations?

• Rich with natural beauty and fantastic monuments and long landscape beauty.
• New Zealand is a developed country and counted as a strong and largest economy in the entire world.
• New Zealand have 8 cities and well known beautiful of the World.
• New Zealand roadways are well established and connected to entire world.
• New Zealand has strong political background and favorable Government Policies.
• New Zealand is welcome over 900 overseas nationals on permanent residency visa, which has been shortage or can be said highly in demand in country.
• New Zealand is well know for there luxury and five star hotel and have famous restaurant and cheapest accommodation rate to attract overseas tourist.
• New Zealand accepts all Cultural easily and due to this we all can see the Diversity of culture in entire New Zealand.
• Living cost in Australia is might be higher New Zealand, but still is well known for their Excellent living standards and quality of life.
• Travelers can enjoy lot of Sports, Nature & Wildlife, Beaches, Islands, Events, Food & Wine, and Adventure, sky diving, mountain climbing.
Perquisites to know Tourist visa before applying visa :
1. Should be have will to go as traveler in New Zealand.
2. Should be having a valid passport.
3. Should be medical fit.
4. Should not have criminal record.
5. Should present sufficient documentation with their application which can convince the visa officer that you tie-up note in India like job/ running business/family/property other assets etc to come back to your native land.
6. Able to convince high commission that upon validity only will remain in New Zealand and return back to home country before visa expiry date.
7. Have sufficient funds to support yourself and your family in New Zealand, according to your stay duration you should need to provide proof of funds to convince visa officer to grant visa, if visiting relative even than funds must be maintain in the bank account.
8. If your family member who is either New Zealand Permanent resident or Citizen is calling you, than you must require a sponsorship documents and relevant evidence related to minimum income threshold.
9. Invitation letter which reflect the written statement from your children or grandchild that they will support you financially during your stay.
10. Should have medical insurance valid for one year at least.
Cost of General Tourist visa :
• Per applicant approx.5000 INR.
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Visa processing of Tourist visa normally take 5 day to 15 days depends on the country of nationality.
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