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Skilled Immigration

There are two visa class available for Permanenet residency visa in Australia immigration 189 & 190 visa sub class and temporary visa 489 visa class if your relative is in Austrlia.
Australia Skilled Independent (Sub-class 189) Immigration Visa:
All aspirant who want to move Australia permanently and consider to settle in the city/state of their choice then,your application must proceed under general skilled migration, Australia pr visa is a Points Based System and it enables the holders to immigrate to Australia without any Job offer, if you possess good proficiency in the English language, hold experience as employeer /employee / Trade and carrying minimum bachelor degree in any stream then, you can file their submission in this 189 visa class.
Key Eligibility requirement to file this visa class.
1. Submits an Australia Expression of Interest (EOI) through the online skill select ,this Permit is based on exclusive on invitation
2. You must having occupation which comes under skill demand list of 189 sub class.
3. You must hold a positive skills assessment for concern authority.
4. You age should be less than 50 years at the time of visa filling.
5. Must get the Competent English language score.
6. You score should be 60 in points system.
7. You should be having no criminal record & fit health conditions.
8. You do not required any sponsorship from territory or state and neither from overseas companies.
9. You should have invitation from skill select (Points based) to file your final stage application.
Key Benefits under 189 sub visa class.
• Get legal assess to live and work in Australia ,Skilled independent visa is a 5 year permanent residency visa and allow holder to stay with entire family in the country for an indefinite period, from the date of issue.
• You did not get any limitation from Australia immigration department to work in your specified occupation as this 189 visa class offer you freedom to select your industry and occupation work.
• You can start your business in any state of Australia.
• You can do your high education on local candidate fee.
• Your Spouse will get same right like primary applicant.
• No restriction for showing funds & declare property and other liabilities.
• No restriction to stay in sponsored/Nominated state for 2 year to get Australian passport / Citizenship.
• You can move any where in Australia for the tourism. (Afterwards you will require a Resident Return Visa (RRV) or a new permit to come back to the country).
• You can sponser your parents in future on PR and can join you initially on 2 year tourist visa which make them to stay with you for period of 3 months continuously.
• Subsidery medical facilities.
• Get all social security rights and related facilities.
Embassy Cost for this Visa :
• Skill assessment charges (Subjected to assessing authority ) – 500 to1000 $
• General Skilled Independent visa Subclass 189 visa -3600 $ (Principal Applicant)
• Spouse -1800 $
• Per kids younger to 18 year -900 $
Other cost related to visa stamping
• Genuine immigration professional fee .
• Medical Examination.
• Police Clearance certificate.
• Documents attestation Charges.
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