South Africa Immigration

South Africa Quota/Open Work Permit Overview

South Africa Quota Work Permit is created for foreign nationals, who hold the professional, skilled and Special skills which have been in demand in South Africa.

This Quota work permit allow professionals to entre in the South Africa without any job offer, Normally all other countries work permit can only be stamped once a job seeker secured a job from overseas employer ,where in the south Africa quota work permits ,entry permission are issued to candidate without securing a job offer.

Every year South Africa Minister of Home Affairs issue their occupation list publicly for all overseas nationals who have gained required qualifications and experience which have been shortage in south Africa and been granted a entry permission to skilled professional to search a job in relevant profile while staying in the country ,but this is important to understand that , this South Africa quota work permit does not guarantee a job offer /confirmation of job with any South Africa Company.

How South Africa Quota work permit process is different from normal work permit.

• You do not require any job offer to get this Entry permit.
• You will be issued the Residence permit first for 90 days and you will be just allowed to search a job only and once you secured a job a job in country you just need to update to South Africa Home Affairs department about your employment.
• You do not require any labor ministry approval to get this permit.
• You will be granted the quota permit first for five year and will be valid till the job offer is valid and need to update the every year your employment status and occupation in which you are working to the Department of Home Affair.
• Will secured you from disease due to vaccination certificate required for visa process.