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Dear Aspirant,
Greetings from Genuine Immigration Service !!

Why Should You Choose Genuine Immigration Service for your immigration process. to Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Denmark,Uk and other country.

With Headquarters in New Delhi Genuine Immigration Service started his venture to provide the best consultancy service to all the clients and studentds aspiring to study abroad.

Being an immigrant consultant from India who worked with several renewed immigration Services provider companies , I understood one thing very clearly that every company have one vision ,earn money by saying any thing to client whether it’s truth or false , even they commit such things which so far away from reality,Since I had personally handle counseling and case manger profile ,so I personally knew how these immigration companies play with Aspirant Immigrants life and their overseas settlement dream.

Than iPromise what u can full fill and the vision of genuine services provider with this focus Genuine Immigration Service has started their venture in 2006 to help, companies , business owner and those Individual aspirant who wanted the worth for their time and money. “We believe in Delivery then speaking” and to become the pioneer name in immigration industry,we Genuine Immigration Service are delivering expert advice and best guidance to clients for their Overseas settlement with 100% success result in their permanent residency, Business immigration & Job Recruitment application.

We are Delievering best consultancy practice services from initial discussion to your visa grant process, as I have made a promise to myself that one day I will become part of the immigration field to make a difference, after having extensive knowledge and deep Studies on different countrues Immigration rule regulation and policy .we have developed our knowledge and our entire team is well versed with smallest changes of immigration law happen timely.

We can gurantee you to get the worth return of your investment and analyze our prodentioal and trueness and feel proude to be a part of Genuine Immigration Service immigration client once you registered with us as precious client, since we only promise what we can deliver and we will do our all possible effort to full you’re your dream so, If you think we can help you better with honesty,diligent and with efficient advice and guide you the better country as per your eligibility ,then give us a chance to serve you better to full fill your dream, we will never give you a chance to through out your visa application even afterwrards to throw stone on our services.

Our entire team is well equippied with all acepts of immigration knowlwdge.

Please forward your Cv on email id or attach your cv on our web enquiry form to check your eligibility.

How we secure you from rejection risk.
To be ensure you that your visa process will be in save hand and will move successfully, Genuine Immigration Service follow our customized and systematic eligibility assessment way to analyze the risk before submission on every stage of visa file submission. We have highlighted below the advantages of using our services.
• WE have 100 % Visa Success Rate.
• We will Show you the way for success, if their will scope we will give you hope.
• We provide Expert guidness in occupation selection and visa process and procedure.
• In our consultancy before registration our Trained expert team do the in-depth assessment for each candidiate profile for quality services.
• Best Customer internation and support from starting to end.
• Expertise in visa processing and resettlement services i.e Job & Accomodation Assistance
• Our team is well versed will immigration rule and provide best counseling .
• IELTS practice will provide you the online IELTS tests
• NO VISA NO FEES (Once application submit in the embassy )
• Before landing briefing.
• We are providing Licensed / Registered Immigration Consultant visa processing Services.
• By selecting non relevant occupaion.
• By submitting incomplete visa documents /Misunderstood the authority requirements.
• By providing right guideness on visa process.
• By provinding brief pre n post landing services.
• by Submiting incorrect visa forms or application fees --In case you made an error in application by selecting a wrong option or unwillingly submit such information which should not be higthlight to immigration department then no one can rescue for rejection and this will indicate your fault.
• By awarening you alternative documents instead of filling uncompletly visa application.
• To explain Complex visa regulations easily.
• During processing of an application, a smallest of mistake can delay or sometimes ruin your immigration dream forever, leave aside the resultant frustration it may cause. At Genuine Immigration Service we value your investment of time, efforts and money and strive to ensure appropriate presentations by minimizing mistakes
• From the risk of changes in government immigration rule regulation and policies by timely submission of your visa application before unexpected changes or in advance declare changes.
• Save you from the refusal and lose of application fee , as fess is non refundable and we are sure a best consultant like us provide you the Peace of mind & value for/to money.
• All cases we deal ” our main goal is to help our clients with better service we can do” We’re passionate about our skills in handling any country application without rejection/ failer, Our team are committed to the pursuit of excellence and the highest standards of professional conduct.
• We discuss with our client to realise their ambitions in the global Market and guide them accordingly with extraordinary possibility.
• As a precious client, you can receive international exploser for your skills through our ethical professional and possible advise/ services and this will keep you closer to new opportunities that is waiting for you. Our professional development opportunities, networking and information resources help you carve out a successful career path overseas settlement.
During the initial contact
We do the eligibility check before enrolling your case in our consultancy and for that you need to email us the evaluation form available on our website. Once received, our expert team will analyze your eligibility and a report is then forwarded to you,if your eligibility come out positive then we will signed an Service Legal Agreement with you to start your immigration dream.
Why Eligibility Check is important.
We will check your eligibility from our trained and immigration expert team by using their knowledge and experience in the field of immigration, they will check your skills & qualification level and select the best matching occupation for visa process in which your profile qualified and assessed against the criteria of skills assessment authorities and Immigration department.
Genuine Immigration Service does not register any case unless and until you get a positive Eligibility Check.This is mandatory to safe you In first step from rejection risk , so for your visa application safetly and smooth visa process you should do our assessment check.
Registered Migration Agent for Visa Process.
All Genuine Immigration Service visa application proceed with Immigration Lawyer guidance, We are working with highly skilled lawyer ,these Lawyer are designated by the government of Canada and Australia to provide safety of their consumers from their approved immigration consultant who seek and retain their services., they all are posses several year of experience in immigration practice and aware of timely changes in immigration law & procedure which keep you safe from rejection and make easily your move towards dream destination
We have MARA (Migration Agents Registration Authority approved agent for Australia and ICCRC Immigration Consultant for Canada Immigration.There are mandatory exams conducted by immigration department of concern country before the lawyer registration takes place. These immigration lawyer keep their knowledge up-to-date by attending CPD (continuing professional development) courses periodically done in counties and who provide immigration services for a fee.
Registered Migration Agent help you to :
• Save you from rejection risk as their Advice Minimize the risk and maximize your chances of success in assessment and visa applications
• You will get confidence with their Honest and ethical and practile approach on cases.
• Act on your behalf with immigration department and give clarity and update to department whenever asked and required and also Minimize delays .
• If any extra documents requirement arise so in individual application they reject the application without asking and in the case of lawyer application they request to provide pending documents so that immigration department give decision on your application.
We are Specialized in immigration law and our entire team is highly professional and providing practicle services for Overseas settlement in various Immigration destination to full fill your dream in following countries for Permanent Residency ,Work Permit,Study visa ,Green Card,Business permanent Immigration, Tourist and Business visa.
• Canada- skilled and trade migration/Queatiobec & Provinces immigration /Business Immigration/Spouse /Dependent Visa.
• Australia- skilled and trade migration/ skilled migration/ Work Permit/Business Immigration/ Spouse /Dependent Visa/ Parents & Family Visa and Prospective Marriage visa.
• Newzealand-Work Permit/job search / Skilled Immigration
• Study Visa.
• Germany-Blue card-Job seeker
• Ireland-Job seeker
• Hong Kong-QMAS
• UK-TIER Highly skilled migration/ Work Permit/Business Immigration
• Norway-Job seeker Visa
• Singapore-Work Permit
• Gulf Countries-Work Permit
• Finland-Green Card
• Netherland-Green Card
• Austria-Green Card
• Latvia- Study Visa
• Luthiniya- Study Visa and Permanent Business Immigration.
• Non Immigration - Tourist & Business Visa
√ Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector.
√ Mechnical /Civil/Electrical/Electronic-Communication Engineer.
√ Chef/Cook/Nurses/Hotel and Restaurant Professional.
√ Human Resource /Purchase and logestic/Customer Services/Corporate Manager.
√ Event organizer/Bankers/Investment advisor/sale and Marketing/Head of Department.
√ Management Consultant/Organization and method Analys / Quality Assurance.
√ Finance and education sector Professionals.
√ Teacher and Public Health, Lab Technician
√ Even Clerical,Supervisor,Asst Mgr level profile also qualify for pr application.


We Genuine Immigration Service are expert in representing all petition in business, government and education cases. Our Code of Ethics upholds professional standards while our advocacy and policies help our profession thrive.
There will be transparency in entire visa processing and we Update ourself with recent rule regulation,policies and procedures to ensure for visa success.zeven Seas have made The Code of Professional code of Conduct , it hold the six core ethical values and the associated requirements for professional conduct. Our entire counselors and Documents team requires abide by these values, and act with care ,responsibility and integrity in all of their professional dealings.
The aim of these code to ensure that team members of the Genuine Immigration Service work with professionalism and providing a quality of service which helps to maintain credibility , transperancy and confidence in public dealing.
1. Honesty – We genuinely consult and highlight you, your eligibility status and even weak point of your application and success ration in your application for better understanding and accordingly guide you option so that, no huddle arise in between the process.
We will be honest in your representation of skills, knowledge and experience ,we will submit your application in appropriate visa class and eligible occupation ,You will enhance your own professional development which courage you to refer us to your relative and friend to go with us.
2. Professionalism- You will enhance the integrity of Genuine Immigration Service and the team member
• You can expect the a honest, candid advise and consultation with us ,Last but not the least, During processing of an application, a smallest of mistake can delay or sometimes ruin your immigration dream forever, leave aside the resultant frustration it may cause.
• At GENUINE IMMIGRATION SERVICE we value your investment of time, efforts and money and strive to ensure appropriate presentations by minimizing mistakes.
• We h ave a team of dedicated and experienced staff to provide the right guidance, Genuine Immigration Service has an edge of having its staff that have actually studied and lived abroad which helps us in providing even the minute detail to thWe he clients and their parents.
3. Security - We will always respect the intellectual property of others, preserve the integrity, security, continuity and endeavour to preserve the confidentiality and privacy of the information of others.
4. Transperancy- Our Tranparent, detailed and clear concept delivering of product will make aspiratnt understand process easily and this is what making us/made us different from other immigration Service provider.
5. Competence-
• Will never misrepresent your skills or knowledge.
• Will provide best consultaion on your requirement and best visa processing services ,help you to finalize visa class and occupation which match the operational and govt requirement perfectly .
• make yourself aware of relevant standards and legislation, and act accordingly, accept responsibility for your work.
6. Quality of Life -take a calm, objective, informed and knowledgeable stance on your professional work, complementing your enthusiasm and advice on pre departure brifeling nad assistance in job & accommodation arrangement for better settlement.
• Continue to upgrade your knowledge and skills and increase your awareness of issues affecting the profession.
• Encourage your colleagues, staff and students to continue their own professional development;
• Advice and support you to upgrade your education, training and professional development that reflects the diverse needs of your profession and its various career paths.
We are in emigrates life.
To achieve your goal we would like to become your immigration consultant to guide & to present your file in the best possible way so that no huddle arises while processing your visa application .
To achieve our goal we would like to partner with your esteemed organization to guide students to their desired destination.
Give us a chance us to serve you better.
Thanks & Regards