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Skilled Migration Visa

After USA immigraion now from last 5 year Australia immigration department is accepting application world wide in different –different visa class .

Ethical cultural and atmosphere both is th basic factor that making Australia the first choice of prospective imigrants to make australia their native land, we can see varity of cultural and indian ethnic overal there in their daily life stye . Due to complex rule regulation of Usa immigration department for H1b / family immigration and l1 visa , now indian are prefering to move australia due to wide availablity of job oppertunity in differnet – 2 industries .Although,Australia has mutual agreement with newzealand govt for better resettlement plan for newzeland nationals and upon having the newzealand nationality they can move inter country without any restriction , but still Australia nationals prefer to stay within Australia due to its wide availability of natural resources and low crime rate.

Industries are more developed in Australia and Australia govt is attracting overseas national on different – different visa class to become / to get nationaluty of Australia, any occupation who have been in demand or shortage in the country will get better significance to offer permanent residency than a occupation who have less chance to get job and settlement in Australia . There are specified criteria to be eligble for Australia permanet resicny visa and those who full till that criteria will get the Australia nationality followed by

Investment - Due to the high availability of natural resources and developed economy, Australia is the one of the wonderful place to businessmen & investors,who want to settle permanently

Australian immigration department offers an opportunity to qualified under various visa class according to your eligibility criteria . Successful businessmen can either make an investment in an existing company or set-up their own venture in the country and gain benefits from the nation’s thriving and stable economy.

Australia requires skilled and experience manpower for its development and to call / impress foreign national , DIBP has made easy and huddle less immigration programs for them.

Employement- Employer can sponser the skill shortage manpower from all over the word to full fill their need and Employees with a valid offer and ministry approval can file their visa petition in the embassy if employer get success to get your approval from immigration department and in future employer can Sponser you for Permanent residency visa as well.

There are different visa class available in Australia immigration and all visa class have different eligibility criteria and filling the petition in these visa class requirement required proper knowledge and attention as the requirement are complicated and time consuming too, So,its become more important to all prospective immigrant to update their knowledge about all the recent visa and rule regulation and timely changes, which happen without prior notice. All prospective aspirants now prefer to took help and advise to get petition filling of services provider to avoid any mistake and proper application submission.

We all, can also handle the application our own, but we should not given us a chance to re-gract in future if rejection arise , Australia is the among the country who love perfection and want perfectionist skilled & trade emigrants in their country to help them in the further growth of the nation.

Now, If I specially speak on immigration consultant in India and their services, many of companies are available in this industry ,who know all the do and does of the process and aware of rule regulation of complicated immigration countries . Our entire team is available with on tips information and its requirements , whoch you can analyze once you speak with us . our extensive knowledge and in depth study on different –different visa class help aspirant to avoid single mistake during in your process and true information and ecpert advices will help you to understand the process easily and chances of qualifying by immigration department .

Permanent residency visa,Australia Permanent residency visa is a point bases immigration and that points can be claimed for human capital factor i.e age,quaifation,experience,ielts score,state sponsership etc..To know more about points criteria please click here It is not necessary to have a job offer to get Australia Permanent residency visa under current rule regulation , but in case if necessary / mandatory required by specified state under state nomination category.

The famous visa class for permanent residency visa is 189 and 190 sub class and based on two occupation list. There is two occupation list,all aspirant who are planning to file their application for permanent residency visa ,must fall under any occupation in any of one listed occupation either skill occupation list or consolidated skilled occupation list.

CSOL (State nomination skilled migration ): If Nominated by relative or any state or territory government for a points based visa sub class 190 alsp applicable for for a direct entry stream Employer Nomination Scheme visa, or a Temporary Work (Skilled) visa (subclass 457). SOL(Known as General Skilled migration): If nominat by skill select under general skilled migration by Australian Govt.

Benefits under Permanent Residency Visa (PR) in Australia as follow:

Below are the rights and privileges being given to a permanent resident of Australia?
• You can enjoy to work and stay permanently in Australia.
• You can off and all enter Australia frequently within the validility period of five years.
• Route towards citizenship after spending 3 year in 5 year tenure on permanent residency status.
• You are entitle to get all social security right and benefits excluding voting rights.
• You can sponsor your relatives in future by providing assurance of support requirements.
• Australia pr Gives you right to travel to New Zealand, live, work and study in New Zealand, after New Zealand government approval.
• Children born inside Australia will be Australian citizens by birth.
• Australian pr holder get the subside medical benefits.
• Australian pr holder can enjoy free education or local candidate fee based education
• Rembursement available for Depenedent child of Australia permanent residency holder.
• Free education upto 14 year of age children.
• Most important Benefits is that People who have dream to move usa and unable to get h1b now,can plan to move Australia as there is a visa class in Australian immigration who meant only for national /passport holder ,where in under skilled migration scheme they can file their petition to apply USA green card.

Four Steps towards your Permanent residency visa:

Immigration rule regulation get change at any time without any prior notice so it is always adviseable to lodge the application under recent rule and procedure.
Permanent residency visa stamping is based on four stages under 189,190 & 489 Visa.
These are as follow
1. First stages is a Skilled Assessment- which will be done by the designated approved Australian authority on the behalf of Australian immigration department to assess the relevancy between of qualification and experience against nominated occupation and government requirement.
2. Second stage is a Expression OF Interest (EOI):-This is a point based skill select criteria to offer invitation to be eligible aspirant to file their permanent residency visa in department of immigration of border and protection and only for those ,who have shown their keen interest under skilled visa category.
3. Third stage is for applying State Nomination-Australia state and territory govt relase their occupation list quarterly to nominate those overseas national who have been shortage in Austrlian specified state and territories even employer can sponser to full fill their vacat position of the companies under this eoi and state nomination sponser criteria.
To get sponsorship letter from State or Territory Government.You should require an occupation which fall under in consolidated occupation list.
4. Final stage is to lodge the application in DIBP after getting positive approval from aforesaid authority.

Basic eligibility criteria to apply to all skilled applicants.These are:

• Should be Under age of 49 year.
• Should have 60 points to be qualified for Australia permanent residency application.
• Should have competent level of English.
• Should have skill and experience which fall under either Sol or Csol list.
• Should be minimum of 2 /3 year of Work experience in your nominated occupation.
• Should not have adversed criminal record and should be medical fit to process visa application.

Take your First Step towards Permanent settlement in Australia to full fill your dream.

To know about Australia permanent resident visa processing time, application costs and more please fill the below free assessment form available on our website so that our Immigration Expert can contact you with all the details.
These are also various visa class available in Australia in which a propective immigrant can file their application .They are as follow: There are many categories to choose from while applying for Australia Permanent residency. They are:-
To know more about points criteria please click here
1. Skilled independent visa (subclass 189).
2. State sponsored visa (Subclass 190).
3. Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme visa (subclass 187).
4. Employer Nomination Scheme (subclass 186).
5. Business Talent (Permanent) visa (subclass 132).
6. Distinguished Talent visa (subclass 124).
7. Protection visa (subclass 866).
8. Contributory Aged Parent visa (subclass 864/143).
9. Aged Dependent Relative visa (subclass 838/114).
10. Orphan Relative visa (subclass 837).
11. Remaining Relative visa (subclass 835/115).
12. Aged Parent visa (subclass 804/103)
13. Child visa (subclass 802/101)
14. Partner visa(subclass 801).
15. Partner visa(subclass 100).
16. Woman at risk visa (subclass 204).
17. Emergency Rescue visa (subclass 203).
18. Global Special Humanitarian visa (subclass 202).
19. In-country Special Humanitarian visa (subclass 201).
20. Refugee visa (subclass 200).
21. Former Resident visa (subclass 151).
22. Orphan Relative visa (subclass 117)
23. Contributory Parent visa (subclass 143).
24. Remaining Relative visa (subclass 115).
25. Aged Dependent Relative visa (subclass 114).
26. State/Territory Sponsored Investor visa (subclass 893).
27. State/Territory Sponsored Business Owner visa (subclass 892). 28. Investor visa (subclass 891).
29. Business Owner visa (subclass 890).
30. Business Innovation and Investment (Permanent) visa (subclass 888).
31. Skilled Regional visa (subclass 887).
32. Distinguished Talent visa (subclass 858).
33. Parent visa (subclass 103).
34. Adoption visa (subclass 102).
35. Child visa (subclass 101).
36. Carer visa (subclass 116).
37. Carer visa (subclass 836).