Denmark Immigration

1. Fast-track scheme

Under the Fast-track scheme certified employer can hire non European nationals with special skill and profile to Denmark on short notice instead of even waiting for the Danish Agency for Labour Market. it is a quick and easy way to get job from Danish employers.

The four tracks of Fast-track scheme

The Fast-track have four criteria ,under any of one track a non European national can file their application under this scheme ,if they has job offer by a certified company and the job which is offered meets any of one criteria:

1) The non European national is offered the job according to the conditions in the Pay Limit scheme.
2) The non European national get the job as a researcher (Please note that guest researchers and PhD students are not included in the Fast-track scheme).
3) The purpose of the employment is a high level educational stay
The non European national is highly qualified and have gain relevant industry experience, then their application may be proceed in the Fast-track scheme if non European nation is getting permission to stay in demark to receive highly qualified training or to train other employee of the certified company.
4) The employment is for a short term stay
In Denmark few professionals can do job without a residence and work permit due to their professional field or specific situation so ,If you fall under this scheme than,you can be granted the permission to work under the Fast-track scheme as this gives them the possibility to reside in Denmark for up to three months without specific conditions being applied to the foreign national's employment. Where the other residence permit is always issued on condition and based on the salary and other terms of employment as per Danish standards.

Benefits of residence permit under this fast track program.

If you do work alternately in abroad more than 6 months and then enter in Denmark , your permit will be still valid and will not lapsed if the validity of the residence permit exist.
Normally any European country residence permit lapse automatically if, the foreign national has lived outside Denmark for more than six months, if he they want to reenter in Denmark the foreign national bounded to apply new permit to return Denmark , however fast track scheme does not affect with this normal rule regulation of European territory.

Conditions for using quick job start.

If an overseas national want to process their application under Fast-track scheme, then it is mandatory for the applicant to be present in principal at the Danish agency for labour market and recruitment and should be available locally in denmak to start quick job and also permit immigration department to do necessary preferal check on his/her documents and a check will be also mandatory to check whether employee have entered in Denmark with a contract of certified company,govt department will also ensure whether candidate has paid the fee applicable to his visa class or not.
If candidate full fill the requirement then, a temporary permit will be issued to start work in Denmark . The permit is valid until a decision has been made regarding the application for a residence and work permit.
If the foreign national is not exempt from the visa requirement and not already able to enter Denmark legally and appear in person at the Agency, the procedure described here must be followed.
If you are not supposed to start job urgently then, an application for residence permit can be file under the under the Fast-track scheme at the native country and applicant must wait for the decision from the Danish Agency for Labour Market and Recruitment.
Once you submit the online application under fast track scheme only a meeting can be booked with the available link on govt website ,The meeting confirmation will come after review your application by the department person so normally approval come after 2-3 hours later , although it is not mandatory to book the meeting if they appear in person at opening hours but, to avoid the queue and waiting time at Citizen Centre it is better to book schedule in advance to avoid delay.


The Fast-track scheme residence and work permit will be valid for a period of up to four years, until candidate required to have a short term stay of up to three months. In this situation a residence permit can be granted for one short term stay of maximum three months within the period of one year.
A short term residence and work permit can not be extended and holder must need to stay in continuity for three months as it did divided into several stays and holder entry will begin the day they enter in Denmark.
A residence permit normally get expire before 14 days of job contract expiry ,although the permission to stay in Denmark cannot be extended more than four years – or three months in case of a short term stay.
If the Non European national get the residence and work permit on the basic of an indefinite employment contract with no expiry date than, than you will be granted the work permit for 4 years and if u able to maintain the same job than you can get the extension. in case you have applied for extension, but your permit get expire even in this situation you are permitted to remain in Denmark and continue the job if, you were on the same job with the same term and condition from which ground you had got the original work permit
If the Non European national get the residence and work permit on the basic of an a temporary employment contract, then, you get the permit according to the same tenure of your job contract plus six months more. The such limitation is there because they will provide you extra 6 months visa to search a job if your previous job contract got expired, however you cannot work in this tenure but , If you arranged the job in 6 months than you have to apply for a new residence and work permit day you begin at your new job.
Please note that the extra six months will not be given if the foreign national holds a residence permit for a short term stay.
If the non European national employment is terminated, the residence and work permit will normally be revoked.
If you find the new job in

You secure a new job and you still working condition then you must apply for a new residence / work permit. Although you have legal right to start your new job before grant of new permit ,if you have submit the application before joining of your new job.
Family migration under Fast Track scheme Once you received a residence and work permit you can bring your family members on certain , they get the permission to stay with your for the same duration residence permit granted to you , but for minimum og 4 years and after eight years for five years at a time, if you have been granted a permanent residence permit.
If you get the residence permit for job seeking after your job contract get expired than, your spouse and your children under the age of 18 year will be given a residence permit valid for the duration of the job seeking period, if you have lived together for at least 18-24 months and If your residence permit is extended, your accompanying family members' permit will be extended by the same period of time, provided that you and your family members are still living together at the same address.

Residence permit for children over 18 and parents
In few case after the careful review govt can offer the residence permit to your child above 18 year and parents who are living with you in the following situations:
• You have been supporting your family financially continuously and lived together with your children always.
• If Your family member is totally dependent on you as a handicap, old age, or similar situation.
• If there will no one in your home country to take card of your family member.
• If Your child in past lived with you when you have been posted abroad.