Denmark Immigration

3. Denmark Green Card Points System

Educational level- maximum of 130 points for your educational level.

You can claim points for your highest qualification level only if, your qualification have the equivalent of a Danish education level . Country to country the level of academic degrees may vary to vary inspite having similar title of programs as they might not on the same of a Danish qualification. The Danish Agency for Labour Market and Recruitment will decide whether it is necessary to have your educational level assessed by the Danish Agency for Higher Education, the authority which assesses foreign qualifications. DA has maintained a list of foreign qualifications and match them with the Danish equivalent.
See database for assessing qualifications from specific countries (new window)

Bachelor's degree 30 points
Bachelor's degree followed by one-year Master's degree 50 points
Master's degree: 60 points
PhD: Anywhere

If you hold such qualification which get equivalency to Danish education level and which make you qualify to work in a field where Denmark facing a highly skilled professionals shortage then, you will get extra 30 points bonus.. You can find these occupation in the Positive List and its job title qualification requirement or a Danish authorization to obtained bonus points, your education must be directly linked to a job title on the Positive List.
If you are graduated form the university which is internationally recognized for their academic level define by latest THES-QS World Ranking then you will get extra bonus points

Top 400 10 points
Top 200 15 points
Top 100 20 points

Language skills- a maximum of 40 points for your language skills.

To get points for your language skills, you must submit the result copy of your valid recognized language test in either Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, English or German.
With regards to Danish, Swedish and Norwegian, you must have passed Danish Language Test, Level 1, 2 or 3 (Prøve i Dansk 1, 2 eller 3) or the Study Test in Danish as a Second Language (Studieprøven) or the Swedish or Norwegian equivalent:
Prøve i Dansk 1 (or Swedish/Norwegian equivalent 5 points
Prøve i Dansk 2 (or Swedish/Norwegian equivalent 10 points
Prøve i Dansk 3 (or Swedish/Norwegian equivalent 20 points
Studieprøven (or Swedish/Norwegian equivalent 40 points

With regards to English or German, your must have passed an English or German language test equivalent to Danish LanguageTest, Level 3 (Prøve i Dansk 3) or the Study Test in Danish as a Second Language (Studieprøven):

English/German test equivalent to Prøve i Dansk 3 20 points
English/German test equivalent to Studieprøven 40 points

You can only claim points either for one Scandinavian language or f English or German. Consequently, you can receive points for both Swedish and English, or both Danish and German, but not for both Danish and Norwegian, or for both English and German.
You can get 5 bonus points for Danish language skills (passed exam in Danish Language Test, Level 2 (Prøve i Dansk 2) or higher). Points for adaptability- a maximum of 15 points for adaptability.

If you have done your qualification EU/EEA (including Denmark) or Switzerland and gain some experience in EU/EEA (including Denmark) or Switzerland than, will be given extra points for your educational or work related attachment as it will help you take your settlement in Danish labour Market, but the Points could be given for either education or work.

* Completion of at least one year's study at a higher educational programme in an EU/EEA country or Switzerland 5 points
* Completion of at least three years' study at a higher educational programme in an EU/EEA country or Switzerland 10 points
* At least one full year's (12 consecutive months') legal residence and work in an EU/EEA country or Switzerland 5 points
* At least two consecutive year's legal residence and work in an EU/EEA country or Switzerland 10 points