Denmark Immigration

6 . Start-up Denmark (self-employment)

If you have an innovative business idea and want to start a new company in Denmark which can contribute the new opportunity for European nationals and enhance the Economic growth then Danish govt can grant you the Residence and work permit.

As an entrepreneur you have to apply for a residence and work permit under the Start-up Denmark scheme, two partner jointly if wish to establish the company they are also allowed to use that scheme.

Before starting process of your start up Denmark application you must need to approved your business project/ idea by the panel of experts appointed by the Danish Business Authority, If your project define the interest of European nationals with the establishment of the your in Denmark then only your project will be approved but your idea is to open an restaurant, retail shop, small business, import or export enterprise or similar then you can not be allowed to establish a new business in their country.

Applicant can submit their business plans online on govt web portal.

There is a quota of issuing residence and work permit( 50 cases approval ) in start-up Denmark every year ,year begin from 1st January to 31 December every financial year , approval by Danish Agency for Labour Market and Recruitment will provided on the basis of first come first serve basic. A new Evaluation from the approved authority is must to lodge the application for residence and work permit

Eligibility Criteria to be qualified.

• The panel of experts appointed by the Danish business authority must approved your business idea.
• IF you will be able to bear your expenses during first year and can documents the same on request
Read more about financial requirements
• You should be a active person in business operation and participate in business daily needs and if you help your business to grow with your innovative idea for long term establishment then you will be allowed to continue your start –up Denmark Residence Permit, but if your interest is in just financial prospect in the business or you are just a shareholder - you are not eligible for a Danish residence and work permit.
Duration of Visa

A residence and work permit under the Start-up Denmark scheme is granted for a maximum of two years and can be extendable for three years at a time.
If the nature of your organization get change or you shut down your company and open a new one than, you have to apply for a new residence and work permit, but if you have been granted a residence and work permit before 1 jan 2015 than this does not apply to your application and an extension will be processed according to the old rules, but they must furnish the documentation of their financial statement, balance sheet along with other documents required for first time file extension application

You must submit the extension before expiry of your current residence permit, prior to 3 months, application which submit for extension after expiry subjected to rejection without intimation and in this situation you will have to leave Denmark and apply for a new residence permit in your native country and have to proceed the as an entirely new application for a residence permit under current rule & regulation.

Re-entry permit

You get legal right to remain in Denmark during your extension application will be approved ,If due to you some circumstances you plan to move to your native country and leave the Denmark while awaiting the decision, you must need to apply for a re-entry permit, this will allow you to re-enter Denmark even if your residence permit has expired.

Family members

If you are the residence and work permit holder as a self-employed person, you can call your family members by declaring that you can bear their all expenses and have sufficient funds for the first year of their stay.